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Welcome To Youth Freedom

Hi, welcome to Youth Freedom. We made this website to educate people about adultism and give young people a voice. Young people do not deserve to be treated unfairly by adults.

What's Adultism?

Adultism is discrimination against people that aren't adults.
Adultism is a predisposition towards adults, which some see as biased against children, youth, and all young people who are not addressed or viewed as adults. Adultism is popularly used to describe any discrimination against young people and is distinguished from ageism, which is simply prejudice on the grounds of age; not specifically against youth. Adultism is ostensibly caused by fear of children and youth.
Part of a wikipedia article on Adultism
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Why use the word adultism and not ageism?

The reason we use the word adultism is so we can distinguish ourselves from people who want to stop elder discrimination. It's not that we don't care about elder discrimination. It's just that there's way more people who know about elder discrimination, then there is people who know about adultism. We all think that any kind of discrimination is bad.

What you can do to help

If you're an adult you can read the articles on this site to learn about situations young people face all the time. You can also make an effort to treat young people like they're your equal(they are). If you're a kid you can sudmit articles to the site, tell your friends about this site, and have fun.